Terms & Conditions

Active Media 9 (“Active Media 9“, “We” or “Us“), is the owner, developer and distributor of the services associated with the building, management and hosting of web pages, including access to software which allows you the customer (“You“) to build and manage your (“Your“) website, and from time-to-time including additional features and upgrades and enhancements and such other services as agreed (“Services“).

Agreement : These terms and conditions are the terms on which Active Media 9 will provide the Services to You. These terms constitute the agreement between You and Us (“the Agreement“) in its entirety and supersede any prior agreements between You and Us in respect of the Services. We may modify these terms and conditions, (including without limitation the pricing for any of the Services), or give You notice under this Agreement, by notice on our website and/or by email.

General Terms : For all Services (other than Domain Names), the initial term of this Agreement will commence on the date of activation of all website and web services provided by Active Media 9 (as applicable). After the conclusion of the initial term, the term shall automatically renew for a further term of the same period (eg a 1 year term will renew for a further 1 year). Unless notice for cancellation of web servicesis provided to Active Media 9 by You before 7 working days prior to expiry of the initial or any subsequent term, this Agreement will automatically be extended by a further terms of the same period on Active Media 9 then current terms and conditions. Active Media 9 may cancel or elect not to renew the Services at any time by delivering to You a written notice of non-renewal at least 7 working days prior to the expiry of the initial term or any subsequent term.

Domain Name : When You purchase a domain name from Active Media 9. You will be purchasing the use of the domain name for the specified term, unless otherwise agreed with Active Media 9 Upon expiration of the initial term for the domain name license, the domain name license may be renewed for a further period equal to the period of the initial term. Active Media 9 takes no responsibility for losses or expenses arising out of any failure by You to renew the registration of a domain name.

Web Designing Services : Design services sold by Active Media 9 are as detailed on the Active Media 9 website at the time of sale. This includes Website Design, Business Starter Packages, Website Maintenance Packages, Flash Animation, Social Media Packages and online promotions.

Logos & Corporate Branding : The deposit for logo and corporate branding design work is due with order. The balance is due when the artwork has been finalized. Once initial concepts have been provided, no refund will be given. Clients can request a reasonable number of changes to their chosen concepts until the design is to their satisfaction, approx 2-3 rounds of changes are normal.

Pre-Press / Printing Liability : Active Media 9 provides the artwork in a print-ready file for the clients use. It is the client’s responsibility to check all copy, contact details, email, website addresses etc. Active Media 9 will not be held responsible legally or otherwise for any undiscovered errors on approved artwork. This includes, but is not limited to any spelling, grammar, colour problems, typing errors or oversights you have not located prior to printing. Please get your printer to provide you with a printed proof and thoroughly check the document and colours before printing.

Copyrights : The copyrights in all reports and associated website designs, text, graphics, the selection and arrangement thereof, and all software is owned or licensed by Active Media 9. All rights in this regard are reserved. Copyright in the material contained on this website and in any report subsists under the Copyright Act 1957, India and under the laws of many other countries.

Content of Your Website : You will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Your website will contain warnings if all or part of its content is not suitable for children and complies with all applicable laws and industry policies.

Financial Agreement : All deposits and fees paid are non-refundable after the design brief. Once the website design has been signed off all fees are payable in due course, no cancellations will be accepted and all services ordered must be paid for in full. Cost of the websites is a set price for design and development, then an ongoing monthly service fee. Although Active Media 9 reserves the right to change prices of accounts or services at any time, all pricing is guaranteed for the period of prepayment.

Refunds / Cancellation : You are entitled to cancel a product or service provided by Active Media 9 before the end of its service term. Notification of cancellation must be provided to Active Media 9 in writing at least 30 days prior to the date at which You seek the product or Service to terminate. You agree that, should You chose to cancel a product or service before the end of its service term, You may be required to pay a cancellation fee (applicable accordingly) to Active Media 9

Correspondence : Correspondence from Active Media 9 will be sent to You via the primary contact email address that You provided during the sign up process. Active Media 9 waives any responsibility for correspondence not being received at this address. It is Your responsibility to immediately advise Us of any change to Your primary contact email address.

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